I’m the most stylish man in Africa – Kenyan man with 160 suits boasts

Is this the most stylish man in Kenya? No, he’s the self-proclaimed most stylish man in the world.

BBC Africa One Minute Stories went to meet him.

This man from Nairobi currently holds a record of owning about 160 suits, 300 caps, 200 pairs of shoes! No, we didnt make this up!

Mr. James Maina Mwangi, a native from Nairobi, Kenya describes himself as the most stylish and smartest man in Africa because of his unique dress style.

In an interview with BBC Africa, he said he has about 160 suits, more than 300 caps and over 200 pairs of shoes among others. He has a matching outfit for every occasion

According to him, if he’s wearing a green suit, he must match it with “green shoes, green shirt, green cap, green handkerchief, green underwear, green pen, and a green cover of my phone.”

He further explained the inspiration for his monochrome style. He said when he first came to Nairobi, he had one shirt and people laughed at him because of his poor background. So he asked God to bless him with something different from other people.


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