In the US, Manasseh would have been caged – Security Expert

In the United States of America (USA), Manasseh Awuni Azure would have been taken to the police custody for questioning and/or charged; thus according to a Security Expert, Ibrahim Irbard.

His comment comes after the Ghanaian investigative journo released an exposé which shows a militia group associated with the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is being trained at an important state facility classified as a security zone. According to the exposé by Manasseh, the group has been meeting at the facility for close to two years.

But the CEO of Irbard Security Council who certainly was not enthused after watching the documentary on the JoyNews channel, call the bluff of Manasseh Azure. He indicated the latter has done a shoddy work with his investigation which can prevent investors from investing in the country.

According to Ibrahim Irbard, anyone who peddles such false-alarm documentary in a serious country like the US would be arrested.

“Go do a false-alarm documentary like this shoddy work against the US and see if the State doesn’t change your sleeping place tonight !”, he said.

Irbard, however, wants the citizenry to reject false alarmists like Manasseh since according to him, Ghanaians “are living in one of the most peaceful countries in the whole wide world!”.

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