Injured Daily Graphic journalist recounts ordeal at Badu Kobi protest

Dela Russel Ocloo, a journalist with the state-owned Daily Graphic Newspaper who was arrested last Sunday after being harassed at Headquarters of the Glorious Wave Church International at Sakumono has spoken.

According to her, she was nearly lynched by irate church members of the founder, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi and feels traumatized by the whole event.

She confirms being harassed, arrested and detained for several hours by the police while covering a demonstration dubbed ‘1000 women march’ by a group of women over misogynistic comments made by Badu Kobi about Ashanti, Ewe and Fanti women.

She said “The incident was the most traumatic experience I have ever had. The sight of the church members that formed a mob around me while pulling my handbag to retrieve my mobile phone was terrifying. The flashes of the woman who wielded a club with nails in it and gestured towards me in an attempt to hit me was the breaking point for me. But I thank God for the courage and the wisdom which saved the day for me from being lynched.”

She adds “to all who reached out to me both publicly and privately, I have seen your messages, Facebook tags, telephone calls etc. I will return your calls and messages at the appropriate time. I have sought medical attention and will go through another phase tomorrow God willing so as to determine the way forward. My employers, the Graphic Group and the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) would communicate the next line of action in the ensuing days. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. God bless us all.”

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