Insecurity in the Banking sector, a course of worry – Jerry Owusu

The brouhaha of Ghanaian banks recently is giving businessmen and women shaky faith in the savings and banking business. Many are afraid they may lose their ‘sweat’ their hard earned money.

The situation ranges from the collapsing, consolidating and customer treatments of Ghanaian banks.

The national organizer of LIBERAL PARTY OF GHANA (LPG) who is also a businessman, Jerry Owusu Appau has expressed worry over the crisis and has entreated every Ghanaian to see the matter as a serious one.

He said the recent insecurity in the Ghanaian banking sector is a threat to the economic and businesses as well as clients.

The country has had situations where customers been maltreated, denied services and monies gone wasted with collapsed financial institutions.

As a businessman and stunt politician, Mr Owusu is disappointed in the happenings saying, things must be done right to make the country governable and to avoid the unnecessary blame games by the leadership of a financial institution when defaulted.

He said many are making headless debates, portioning blames and attacks because there is no sanity in banking sector as at the moment. He has therefore called on government and Parliament to put their feet down firmly to resolve the situation at hand.

Mr Owusu wants the parliament through the speaker Prof Mike Ocquaye to constitute a committee of enquiry into the crisis which has caused, so far, some seven banks to collapse.

The national organizer of LPG retreated that, the matter of the bank crisis is of serious concern to us not only because it is costing the taxpayer so much, but also because it bothers on ethics or the lack thereof in offices of trust and responsibility. Adding that, he is ready to join any group or civil society who is mean to fight same course of this sensitive matter at hand.

Mr Owusu finally advised that, people must desist from personal attacks and insults but trust the current government and its law maker in the Parliament house to do a good job after reading and taken his humble suggestion as a politician, businessman and a citizen of Ghana.

He suggested all these in an interview with

He concluded that, he is available for any level headed discussions on the matter at large now.

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