Is femininity campaign a mere cheap talk?

Lately, women have been given the opportunity to rise up to the level of presidents, CEOs, or gainfully employed staff in diverse fields of specialization.

But has it changed the way men look at females of this generation in Africa?

Indeed, there has been an awaking to the limitless influence of women in society, once oriented well in both formal and informal sectors.

Again the notion that the influence of a female could not go beyond the kitchen and bedroom has also been thrashed out.

Yet, can this generation frankly look a woman in the eye and say, “I totally trust you to fully handle affairs unaided for as long as I’m away?” – This has been the ongoing debate about the emancipation of womenfolk in Africa.

The promotion of femininity has chalked big strides, as the masses have evolved from their pitiful state of 100% dependency on a man, to key contributors (including financial) to the maintenance of the household.

Now, the trend which used to give absolute power to men to control women at every turn has drastically reduced.

Men currently deem it crucial to solicit views of women in their bid to arrive at a holistic solution to the problems of society.

Domestic violence has seen considerable decrease in communities across the globe because of the campaign against abuse of women.

However, this generation has not reached the point where they have embraced the totality of the concept of femininity.

People have thus constantly questioned whether the concept of femininity has really achieved the purpose for which it was “birthed” or whether it is a grand scheme of illusion used to pitch women against men.

Despite the rigorous campaigns on femininity the world over, women continue to carry out the basic roles as the female at home apart from their paid jobs outside the household.

Men’s view of women as ultimate source of desirous object to satisfy their sexual desires has not changed.

Women continually attract lower wages for the same kind of jobs as men and the physiological makeup of women during (menstruation breaks and conception periods) continue to “rob” them of time which otherwise would have been channeled into productive work time.

And even worst of all when a snake rares it’s head in the public place, women cry out aloud, “where are the men – come and rescue us from this poisonous live rope” .

On these grounds, the main argument which still remains states – will women ever reach the point where they can fully compete head to head with men for the limited opportunities available?

What’s your view?

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