Is Nano CBD the future of CBD

Do you hear Nano CBD making the rounds in the market? Do you wonder what it really is? If you are looking for the answer to either of these questions, you are in the right place. Nano CBD is the newest addition to the industry, which is revolutionizing it from the core. The analysts even go to the extent of calling Nano CBD the future of the cannabidiol industry. It is so because Nano CBD is different from the regular CBD and provides more relief to the users. If you are planning to try the ‘it’ thing that is going to rule for the next few years, here is all that you must know about it.

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Decoding the fuss behind Nano CBD

Cannabis contains over 600 different chemicals that are responsible for the effects it has on you. CBD or cannabidiol is one of these unique chemical components present in the cannabis plant. It is a medicinal and therapeutic cannabinoid that is responsible for making cannabis a healing plant. People have been using this component for centuries to heal from a myriad of health troubles, but now medical fraternity also realizes its benefits. You must be wondering what Nano CBD is, read on to find out.

If we consider it in mathematical terms, Nano is 0.0000000001 of something. Similarly, Nano CBD refers to a tiny particle of the cannabidiol that dissolves in water. Nanotechnology has been prevalent for years. Many players in the CBD industry are now making the most of this technology to amplify the effects.

It is a type of hemp isolate that goes through an additional step during the extraction process. The plant goes through a CO2 extraction process that removes terpenes and all other chemicals, leaving behind a pure Nano CBD isolate. The amplified process breaks the cannabidiol into smaller particles and ensures it moves faster through your bloodstream.To reap in similar benefits , one can also buy weed online Canada

Why is Nano CBD becoming popular?

More and more people today are moving over conventional CBD products like isolate or tincture and switching over to Nano CBD products. Here are a few reasons that make Nano CBD products a favorite among the users:

1.       Requires lesser amount: The ideology ‘less is more’ stands true when it comes to Nano CBD. It has a higher level of cannabinoids, which ensures that you get similar effects with a lesser amount of CBD. Your body takes a while to absorb the CBD you ingest. When you take the standard dose of CBD, the body first filters out the toxic parts and then absorbs the cannabinoids. But, when it comes to Nano CBD, the body absorbs the tiny cannabinoids and nutrients from it straightaway after ingestion. Nano CBD ensures that you get similar, or slightly enhanced effects by taking the same dose of CBD.        

2.       Increased bioavailability: Bioavailability is the measure of cannabinoids that your body can absorb out of the entire dosage. In technical terms, bioavailability is the rate and degree at which the bloodstream absorbs a substance. Depending upon the method of ingesting and the concentration of CBD present in the product, the cannabinoids you get can vary significantly. Upon consuming regular CBD, a significant part of the particle gets lost in the bloodstream or your organs. Your body can never fully utilize the cannabinoids, and it reduces the bioavailability to a greater extent.

The particles of Nano CBD are very tiny and easy to move around the body. The chances of them getting lost are fewer. The body quickly absorbs the small CBD particles and helps you with getting better effects. Smoking or vaping CBD provides the highest bioavailability as compared to other methods, as the cannabinoid goes straight into your lungs and then to your bloodstream. Nanoencapsulation of CBD has the potential to give you a similar level of cannabinoids, if not more.  

3.       Soluble in water: More than 60% of the human body consists of water. It is due to this fact that our body and bloodstream finds it challenging to absorb CBD. The bioavailability of the most common methods of ingesting CBD, be it capsules, oral tinctures, or edibles, is much less.

Nano CBD can help you get over this problem. Due to the microscopic nature of Nano CBD, it is compatible with water. It is this property of Nano CBD that allows it to mix in water easily and works more efficiently. Nano CBD also enables you to consume it easily with water-based drinks. Adding Nano CBD to your beverages will help get instant relief and widen your choice while choosing the method of ingestion. Unlike standard CBD, Nano CBD will not float on top of your drinks to form lumps on the sides of the container.    

4.       Provides faster relief: If you are using CBD for medicinal reasons, like pain or anxiety, you might want it to start showing its effects at the earliest possible. Due to the larger size of CBD particles, it can take a while for you to feel any effect.

As we said, the smaller size of the CBD particles in Nano CBD allows it to travel faster through our bodies. You will enjoy the same therapeutic effects, but the results will be much quicker, making it more effective. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Is there any evidence to prove its effectiveness?

 A lot is said about CBD now, making it a hot topic for researchers and scientists. The emerging importance and benefits of Nano CBD are making their focus shift on this unique micro compound.

Due to the less bioavailability of other methods, a team of researchers at the University of Turin, Italy, conducted a study to know the same for nanoparticles of CBD. They found that it is a better alternative to traditional methods of consuming CBD. It ensures higher and effective delivery of cannabinoids to the body and helps people who are suffering from pain and inflammation.

Another research done by Showa University, Japan, shows promising evidence. They conducted an elaborate study on rats where they gave standard CBD oil and novel nanoemulsion preparation of CBD. They noticed that the new formations of Nano CBD could prove to be beneficial. It ensures that the absorption of CBD by the body is quicker and more stable as compared to another alternative.  

As per the article published in the Journal of Controlled Disease, the lipid nanoparticles of CBD can enhance the delivery of cannabinoids. It shows that the formulation of lipids ensures to be a better carrier of CBD when you consume it orally. You can start feeling the relief from pain or inflammation much sooner, as there is higher bioavailability.

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Final Thoughts

Nano CBD offers a series of advantages when compared to standard CBD. It provides faster and more intense effects, with only a limited dosage of CBD. You can recover from severe pain or panic attacks in an instant by consuming the quick nanoparticles of CBD. It not only makes Nano CBD more effective but also help you save some bucks. Available in the form of powder, like CBD isolate, the manufacturers use it to create other products infused with Nano CBD. You can consume it discreetly by mixing the powder into water and let Nano CBD work its magic. After knowing its benefits and working, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Nano CBD the future of CBD, would it?    

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