Is the police service becoming cheap? 

There has been several backlashes between the police service and the general public regarding recent happenings in the country.

 Several Ghanaians have expressed  disappointments in the Ghana police service particularly because of what many have termed as poor handling of kidnappings in the country. 

On the issue of the Takoradi missing girls, some angry Ghanaians have hurled insults at the police for keeping too long in finding the girls. Some Ghanaians even think the police are too relaxed in finding the girls. 

Recently, two Canadians became victims to the trending kidnapping cases in Ghana which has still not been curbed by the police. 

Ghanaians went wild after these Canadians were found few days after their kidnap but the police couldn’t trace the where about of the 3 Taadi girls. 

Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah who is currently the Director-General, Criminal Investigations Department  held a press conference assuring the parents of these girls and the general public that they know where the girls were. 

” We know where the girls are and we want to assure Ghanaians and their parents that they were safe and will be brought back home soon” she stated.

 But it’s rather unfortunate she came out again saying she said that just to calm rising storms.

Recently, news started circulating on social media that some bones were discovered in a manhole behind one of the suspect’s house. But it’s unfortunate, the police service haven’t come out to clear the air whether the bones belongs to these girls or not.

The police have said they can’t  establish that the bones are that of the girls unless they conduct a forensic analysis. Hence the request of  DNA blood samples from the family. 

The question is, is the police service failing citizens of the country? 

Aside from the issue of these Taadi girls, several revelations have been made where some policemen have caused the sentence of teens less than 18years to prison instead of directing them to correctional centers. 

The question still holds; is the police service failing citizens of the country?

On Monday, United Television aired a story where a 34 year old lady was murdered in cold blood. Some residents who were interviewed expressed their fear since their trust in the police are lost. 

The question still remains; is the police service failing citizens of the country? 

On the 4th of August, a reporter from Daily Graphic, Della Russell Ocloo was arrested for covering 1000 women March against Prophet Badu kobi. 

The sakumono police refused her of her rights. The Constitution clearly states that everybody is entitled to a lawyer. She was refused bail as well. They refused her that right as well. She was only released, when they received several calls from people. 

What does the law says about bail and access to a lawyer?

Bail is the release of a person from legal custody on condition that he would be available at a later date and place to stand trial or assist in investigations.

In Ghana, this conditional release is a guaranteed right of every individual. Both the 1992 Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, and the Criminal Procedure Code, 1960 (Act 30), make provision for this right.

In the same way, if one is arrested, he or she has the right to remain silent until his/her lawyer comes for questioning. And if the person doesn’t have access to a lawyer, it is the duty of the state to provide him/her one. 

But in the case of the reporter, she was denied these two rights which is a breech of law. 

The question is, do the police know the law? 


Name: Belinda Amoako Arthur

Gmail: belindaarthur91@gmail.com

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