It appears Dr. Bawumia is politically immature

I must admit that H.E. Dr. Mahumudu Bawumia is a fine, intelligent and one smart Vice President Ghana has ever had, but I must also be quick to say that it appears he is politically immature and that brings his enviable Office into disrepute and public ridicule.

I continue to admire the Presidency no matter who occupies it. The President, H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo was seen to be very rude in his days as a Presidential Candidate but trust me, He has proven to the whole country that the campaign days are gone, and now, it is time for business even though he sometimes ‘talks’ and ‘promises’ despite several unfulfilled campaign ‘talks’ and ‘promises’ prior to the 2016 General elections.

Nana Akufo-Addo has exhibited good public speaking skills except for his usual rattling which makes it difficult for people to grasp the content of his message. Far from the above, H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia remains the ‘Problem’. He speaks like a ‘Running mate’ and not a ‘Vice President’. The slightest opportunity he gets, he campaigns. Well, probably he feels 2020 is not far, and so, it would be good he starts campaigning early but he should note that Ghanaians did not vote for the NPP for Dr. Bawumia to campaign. Ghanaians voted for the NPP because of the confidence they had in them to fix the economy they claim it was broken. Ghanaians voted for the NPP based on the massive campaign promises that were meted out to them.

On 17th April 2017, the Vice President stated that he has been able to arrest the falling cedi and the keys have been handed over to the Inspector General of Police.

He made this statement as part of his one hundred and three (103) achievements in their first 100 days in office. Watching the Vice President make such a public comment, I felt so sad but I had to encourage myself by giving him the benefit of the doubt on the grounds that he hadn’t occupied such a high office before, and also, he might have taken that platform as a campaign platform. The consequences of such comments are what we are witnessing today. The Cedi is being beaten by all major currencies across the globe including the Nigerian Naira. Has there been any cell break? When did that happen?

I remember the Vice President’s comment on the launching of the Ghana Post GPS. He categorically stated that the features of the GPS is more robust and efficient than what has existed in the United States and the United Kingdom. He even further stressed that it will put Ghana ahead of Germany, U.S.A, England and other advanced countries. Isn’t it funny? How many Ghanaians are even using the so called GPS which has already existed on our Android Phones, kind courtesy Google? Yet Ghana went ahead to spend $ 2.5 million which could have bought several Ambulances to save lives.

The UNSERIOUSNESS on the part of the Second Gentleman is growing daily. He has forgotten about the several unfulfilled campaign promises, the Economic lectures and numerous solutions he suggested then in opposition to fix the broken economy. Truth be told, upon all the confidence Ghanaians had in the then Running Mate to come and fix the broken economy, we are rather witnessing its worst form.

Unemployment is still a challenge. Fuel prices continue to increase. Cedi depreciates every day. Companies are collapsing and people are loosing their jobs.

Zongos are yet to see their development fund. Constituencies need their one million dollars every year. My district is waiting for its factory.

Get serious, be matured, speak like a Vice President, fulfil all campaign promises and Ghana will take you serious.

Your position as Vice President of a nation is a very sensitive one. Campaign days are over, so should your propaganda days be. Focus on your work. Make life better for Ghanaians as promised and learn how to rebut and speak publicly as Vice President.

Free advice!
Ekow Paintsil Djan

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