Italian issues warning to the world about escalation of coronavirus

An Italian social media user living amidst the country’s lockdown from the global coronavirus pandemic has issued a dire warning to the rest of the world.

The unidentified citizen took to Reddit to share what it has been like living in a country that’s had the second-highest number of deaths from coronavirus globally.

The Reddit user shared the progression of the virus in the country in the two weeks to March 12, describing what it was like in six stages.

“This situation is bad, but what’s worse is seeing the rest of the world behaving as if it isn’t going to happen to them,” the Reddit user wrote.

“We know what you’re thinking because we were in your place too.”

The Reddit user said ‘Stage 1’ began when the first cases of coronavirus appeared in the country.

“Well, nothing to worry about, it’s just a bad flu! I’m not 75+yo so what could possibly happen to me?” the Italian wrote.

Italians went into lockdown last week.

“I’m safe, everybody is overreacting, what’s the need to go out with masks and stock toilet paper?

“I’m going to live my life, as usual, there’s no need to freak out.”

Stage two

Then, it was onto ‘Stage 2’, on February 22, when “red zones were declared and there was a significant number of cases”.

“Well that’s sad and somewhat worrisome but they’re taking care of it so nothing to panic about,” they wrote.

“There are some deaths but they’re all old people so the media is just creating panic for views, how shameful.

Milan was among one of the first locations to be locked down.

“People lead their life as usual. I’m not going to stop going out and meeting my friends, am I?

“It’s not going to get me. Everybody’s fine here.”

Stage three

In ‘Stage 3’, the number of cases dramatically increased, more deaths were reported and more red zones declared, they said.

“Schools and universities are closed in these areas but bars, workplaces, restaurants and so on are still open,” the Reddit user wrote.

“Most of the population of the remaining 75% of Italy still does what it always does.

“They still don’t realise the seriousness of the situation.

“Everywhere you turn people advise to wash your hands and limit going out, large groups are forbidden, every 5 minutes on TV they remind you of these rules.

“But it still hasn’t settled in people’s mind.”

‘National health emergency’

As the situation progressed into ‘Stage 4’, the Italian said it turned into a “national health emergency”.

“There aren’t enough doctors and nurses,” they said.

“They’re calling retired ones and those in their last 2 years of university.

A woman is stopped by Italian soldiers guarding the French-Italian border on March 15.

“At this point, it’s like being at war: doctors have to choose who to treat based on their survival chance.

“I have a doctor friend who called me devastated because he had to let 3 people die that day.”

Stage five

But in ‘Stage 5’, the situation worsened and a nation-wide lockdown was announced.

“Now there’s fear,” the Reddit user said.

“You see a lot of people with masks and gloves around but there are still are people who think that they’re invincible, who go to restaurants in large groups, hang out with friends to drink and so on.”

‘No idea what’s coming’

Two days later, now in ‘Stage 6’, bars, restaurants, shopping centres are all forced to closed – except for supermarkets and pharmacies.

“You can move around only if you have certification with you,” the Italian wrote.

“If you’re found outside without a valid reason you risk a fine.”

Dire warning

The Reddit user ended the post with a dire warning for the rest of the world.

“The rest of the world apart from Italy, China and Korea is just now beginning to reach other stages, so let me tell you this: You have no idea what’s coming to get you,” they wrote.

“I know because two weeks ago I was the one who had no idea and thought it wasn’t bad.

“But it is. And not because the virus alone is particularly dangerous or deadly, but for all the consequences it brings.

“Please if you’re reading this try to act in your best interest.

“The actions taken were drastic but necessary, and this may be the only way to limit the spreading.”

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