It’s easier to remove Gov’t through ballot than Coup D’etat – Ayariga

Dr. Hassan Ayariga, founder and leader of the All People’s Congress, (APC) has condemned the penchant of voices of reason to cite coup as a possibility during discussions on Ghana’s economic woes.

Reacting to a number of issues on ‘Prime Morning Show’ on Wednesday, the outspoken politician asserted that, “It is easier to remove government through the polls than through a coup d’etat”.

On his part, Dr Hassan Ayariga who has vowed to transform the country if given the nod in 2024 elections in  4 years explained that, “there are evidence right from our own history to neighboring countries who changed government through military take overs. How have they fared? We know of the brutal Liberian coup d’etat in 1980. Has it made the country any better?

“In our current democratic dispensation, coup d’etat is not a plausible option. Prof Raymond Atugubah is a colleague and friend, but I’m sorry, I think he should have ended his brilliant lecture on the economy without drawing coup d’etat into the conversation”.

The popular politician, suggested that strong institutions coupled with a working system is crucial to the much desired development.

“We need to create a national database, industrialize, clear ghost names and practice selfless leadership that encourages consensus building, if we want to progress as a nation,” Dr Ayariga added.

Quizzed on how realistic his 4-year timeline to turn around Ghana’s fortune if voted in power come 2024 is, the experienced politician answered, “if the people in authority stay in their offices to work 6am to 6pm and stop reading useless newspapers they’ll realize that 4 years is enough to change things in this country”.     

Dr Ayariga who touted his party, APC as the third force, besides NPP and NDC in the next electioneering season added that, he would turn Ghana into a production, manufacturing and industrial hub.

“Under my watch Ghana will run 24 hrs shift system to make every Ghanaian more productive there by increasing productivity in all sectors”, Dr Hassan Ayariga said.

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