It’s in UK’s national interest for Ghana to succeed – Iain Walker

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Iain Walker, has said it is the United Kingdom’s (UK) national interest for Ghana’s economy to grow and for the people in the country to thrive.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday, Iain Walker said the UK wants to help Ghana on its path to development by investing in the Ghanaian market.

“Global trade is something we have been historically good at, we are the fifth largest economy in the world. In the case of Ghana, people often raise an eyebrow when I say this, but we believe firmly that it is in the UK’s national interest for Ghana to succeed.

So when we talk about development, growth or investment we want Ghana to succeed. So we will use our developed efforts to invest in the market and regulative improvement to attract capital,” he said.

He also said Ghana has the potential to be a hub for financial services in the sub-region but in order for that to become reality, the country has to first deal with regulatory challenges in the banking sector, which would attract more companies.

In 2017, Ghana and the United Kingdom pledged to increase cooperation in the areas of trade, investment and security for the mutual benefit of its people.

Then UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson met with President Akufo-Addo at the Flagstaff House in Accra, where their discussions were centred on the desire of both countries to deepen the already strong cooperation and relations between them.

Boris Johnson urged UK Firms to come to Ghana and invest in various sectors and also admitted that several Ghanaians had contributed to the success of the UK.

“We hope to have an even deeper friendship going forward and particularly, we want to make sure that British firms come here in greater numbers and in greater strengths to invest in Ghana and, if I may say so, take advantage of the fantastic opportunities there are in this country,” Mr. Johnson said.

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