It’s not true Creative Arts Industry is divided over politics – Socrates Safo

Socrates Safo says contrary to popular opinion that politics has divided the creative arts industry, the story is not so on the ground.

According to Socrates, though they come across as enemies during electioneering campaign periods, they are more united than people may imagine.

During the 2020 election campaigns, many Ghanaians were taken by surprise when a cross-section of creative artists decided to campaign against their colleague John Dumelo, who was contesting for the seat at Ayawaso West Wuogon.

The likes of Prince David Osei, Kalybos, Bibi Bright, Socrates Safo, among others mounted the New Patriotic Party platform and openly endorsed and campaigned for Lydia Seyram Alhassan, who was contesting against John Dumelo.

The development caused many people to complain that there was no unity in the industry. One very vocal person was actress Christiana Awuni, who publicly said her colleagues campaigning against John Dumelo confirm the popular notion that the industry was divided over politics.

She said, “We don’t love ourselves, that is the bottom line. We are like the proverbial forest, from afar we look like we are together but when you come close we are all on our own, other than that, they would not have done what they did. Even if they love the woman, even if they will vote for her, they would never have come out openly to ridicule their own brother by openly campaigning for the woman and later they will come and be all friendly with John Dumelo…”

But Socrates Safo, a member of the communications team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on creative arts issues and a movie producer, speaking on the Entertainment Review Show on Peace FM said the perception that politics has divided the industry is not a true reflection of what is on the ground.

He said though there are a lot of disagreements on policies, near fights, name-calling etc., they are more united than those who previously did politics.

Socrates said there is a level of maturity the creative arts has brought into our body politic that never used to be there and wanted people to know that.

“When it comes to those of us on the field campaigning, I’ll tell you that we have shown some maturity that is far better than how people used to do politics in this country. Between those of us in the NPP and NDC, we are more united than people may realise. Between say Saddick, Rex and us, we talk every day, when there is a challenge, we call each other, we talk, we rebuke each other. Even after the elections, we’ve had several conversations, healthy friendly conversations, so it is not as bad as people think…” he said on the show.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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