‘I’ve learnt to be focused so I don’t get confused’ – Joyce Blessing

Ghanaian gospel music star Joyce Blessing has said she has learnt to remain focused in her career and ignore all the rumours and gossips peddled about her.

Speaking to Nicholas Fianklu on No.1 105.3FM’s Gospel Showbiz programme on Sunday, 15 August 2021, Blessing, who is promoting her latest work, ‘Oluwa Is Involved’, said: “I’ve been through a lot”.

“Everybody knows the story of my life”, she told Fianklu, explaining: “Everyone knows the ordeals I’ve been through in this country and the gossips and rumours I’ve endured, yet God gave me the strength to shoulder it all and bounce back”.

In her view, ‘Oluwa Is Involved’ encapsulates her life story.

She said: “It gets to a point that you don’t have to explain yourself anymore but rather give thanks to God for the victory”.

“So, this is the second phase of the Unbreakable Joyce Blessing”, Joyce Blessing, who denied having any tattoos on her body, added.

As far as the many rumours peddled about her are concerned, Joyce Blessing said: “You can’t change what people think about you – not me, per se – but about celebrities”.

“Your dressing may even make somebody perceive you as haughty because everybody has a different background, culture and belief system”, she observed.

In another example, she said: “Even dancing in a church alone, can make somebody who doesn’t believe in dancing to never believe in your ministry”.

“So, one thing I’ve learnt and I’m applying to my career is: I don’t have to listen to people. I think I have to stay focused”, she stressed.

In her view, “my work pleases God that is why I’m still standing. It means God’s hand is in what I’m doing and, so, I don’t have to look left or right, I have to hit it straight and do what God has asked me to do than to listen to people”.

Buttressing it with a biblical example, she cited one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, Peter, who, she pointed out, “almost sank when he lost focus of Jesus” by paying attention to the perilous storm around them as he walked on water toward the Lord at Jesus’ command.

So, she indicated, “in this career, listening to criticisms and gossips gets you confused” and “deafens you to the sound of God’s gentle voice”.

“So, the big lesson I’ve learnt is that: ‘mentie obiaa’! I’ll do what I can and what God has destined me to. We are tired of the criticisms”.

Also, she noted that gospel music has a future in Ghana “because God has brought us this far”, pointing out that some gospel songs are able to “hit a million views on YouTube” – an indication that the genre will not fade away.

Source: classfmonline.com

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