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I’ve never chartered a private jet nor flown in one – Ablakwa

North Tongu MP, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has denied claims that he travelled in hired private jets as deputy minister.

According to Mr Ablakwa, his accuser is hallucinating as he is more than willing to share his passports and travel records with the media for independent verification.

His denial in a Facebook post is in response to Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong, who has accused Mr Ablakwa of also travelling in private jets following his [Ablakwa’s] incessant fights against President Akufo-Addo’s luxurious travels around the world in an expensive private jet.

Mr Ablakwa has for some months now exposed the cost involved in President Akufo-Addo’s travels abroad onboard the luxurious private jet and has called on him to stop the profligate travels at the expense of the taxpayer but his calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Below is Mr Ablakwa’s post denying ever travelling in a private jet:

No amount of demented rants will change the incontrovertible fact that I have never chartered a private jet in my life, neither have I ever flown in one.

So are the hallucinations about an obviously fabricated high frequency of travels when I served as Deputy Minister — an even more puerile and inane effusion.

I am more than willing and happy to share my passports and travel records with the press for independent verification.

It is so absurd how I can be widely considered for many years as one of the most visible MPs always physically working in my beloved constituency, literally every week, and at the same time be described as the most travelled NDC politician who is hardly present in Ghana — some people really need our prayers.

The politics of lies, illogic and concoctions will always leave you embarrassed. What happened to the blatantly vicious fabrications that I owned filling stations? These days the schizophrenic liars have quickly abandoned that and are now cooking fresh fabrications for their gullible audience.

It’s a pity how the dotards don’t even seem to realize that they aren’t helping the case of the President — they are clearly telling Ghanaians that we know what our President is doing is terribly wrong but he should be spared and allowed to continue to wickedly dissipate our taxes on lavish sky baths because the messenger is equally guilty.

In any case, what does this say about the uselessness of your government if as you say you have evidence that a “poor Deputy Minister” could afford US$10,000 to US$18,000 in hiring luxury executive jets and yet you aren’t investigating him, you haven’t charged him and you certainly aren’t prosecuting him?

What a joke from pathetic poltroons!

I shall remain focused in the service of God and Ghana; without fear or intimidation, and above all in pure truth and good conscience.

The support and encouragement of many well-meaning and patriotic Ghanaians across the political divide is deeply appreciated—that, keeps me going.

God bless you all, manifoldly.


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