J.B’s Murder: Committal proceedings set for Jan, 15, 2019

All is set for the committal proceedings in the case in which suspects Daniel Asiedu and Vincent Bossu are held for the death of Abuakwa North Member of Parliament Joseph Dankwa Adu.

The case has been fixed for Jan 15, 2019.

In court today, the Attorney General’s department led by Sefakor Batse, Senior State Attorney informed the court that the AG is ready for the committal proceedings to be conducted.

Daily Heritage Court Correspondent Muntalla Inusah who was in court reported that, the bill of indictment was filed yesterday, December 17, 2018.

But the accused persons who are still without a lawyer were served after the court sitting.

The Accra Central Magistrate Court presided over by Her Worship Arit Nsemoh urged the accused persons to inform their lawyers if they have one.

The court further informed them that they can contact the legal aid if they do not have counsel.

The case was adjourned to Jan 15, 2019 for the committal proceedings to be conducted.

All accused persons were in court.


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