Jackie Appiah says she is addicted to excessive shopping

Jackie Appiah says she is obsessed with excessive shopping and she would need prayers and deliverance to stop that.

Popular and respected Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah has revealed that she has a problem with her lifestyle and needs prayers.

In a video seen YEN.com.gh on her Instagram, Jackie confessed to being obsessed with excessive shopping and would need deliverance to stop that habit.

The actress revealed that she loves to shop for designer dresses, perfumes, bags, and any fashionable thing in vogue.

She was speaking in an interview on a BBC Pidgin programme where she referred to the attitude as a bad habit. “I like shopping.

I am a shopaholic, I shop too much for perfumes and bags,” Appiah said.

She made further revelations about herself including the number of languages she speaks and the countries she has travelled to so far.

Jackie Appiah was last in the news following a photo of her pounding fufu on a live show in Ivory Coast.

She is much loved by her fans for her calmness, her self-respect, fashion sense and more.


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