‘James Town stool not for sale’

The Paramount Stool Father and head of Appiah We of Ngleshie Alata James Town, Nii Appiah V, has warned those contesting the instalment of Oblempong Wetse Kojo II, that the Paramount Stool is not a commodity for auction, trade or sale.

According to him, per the 1929 Native Ordinance of the Ngleshie Alata Stool, it is only four chiefs who are legitimate to decide and choose who succeeds a demised paramount chief.

He, therefore, mentioned Osiahene, Acting Dzaasetse, Paramount Stool Father (himself) and Head of Adjmanku Dawurampong as the chiefs with legal rights to install a successor, whenever the stool is vacant, before the burial of a departed chief.

Per the Ngleshie custom, which is in accordance with the Akan type of enstoolment of the paramouncy, the accredited kingmakers have to publicly declare the selected person who will occupy the vacant stool before a funeral is held for the demised chief.

This, he said, was the same procedure that was followed on February 1, 2018 to install Oblempong Wetse Kojo II, known in private life as Dr Prince William Asharku Bruce-Quaye, after satisfying all the necessary customary procedures.

Unfortunately, the once peaceful process has been reduced to malevolence, riot, lawlessness and violence by unscrupulous persons he described as landguards, and reiterated that the Ngleshie Alata James Town Stool is not a commodity for trade.

“The kingmakers vehemently condemn the alleged fraudulent illegal and uncustomary installation in which landguards threaten and wield offensive weapons, pistols and pump action shot guns with live bullets to prevent anyone from stopping the arrangements, in order to glorify their boss, Henry Koppoe, who regularly finances them to play mischief,” he alleged.

He alleged that one Henry Koppoe, the mastermind, was behind all the confusion that rocked the funeral of the late Oblempong Kojo Ababio V, and added that till date, the elders and people of Jamestown do not know where the King was buried to enable them perform rituals for him.

Explaining what has influenced some illegitimate persons to be hungry for the chieftaincy position, he said the stool had some huge compensation to claim from the government over the Dansoman and Weija concessions, and this person in question wanted to be given 30 per cent of the amount.

Nii Appiah V added that because they refused to grant to the person in question the demand, he had chosen to resort to violent means to install another person, who it is claimed does not even come from any of gates from where chiefs are selected.

He further cautioned that the compensation was for the development of Ngleshie people and not for individuals’ personal use, therefore, “We are warning that nobody can buy our conscience and duty to royalty with money, since the Ngleshie Alata James Town Paramount Stool is not vacant, and the legitimate occupant, who has gone through all the Akan-style stool customary processes, is Oblempong Wetse Kojo II.”

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