Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari Mark 8 years of breakup after their relationship ended in tears

A report circulating on social media has it that today, October 6th, 2021 marks exactly 8 years since Nigerian actor Jim Iyke and beautiful Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari broke up.

The two personalities have moved on with their lives and they’re making money and chilling but social media has decided to mark 8 years of their breakup.

Blogger Cutie Juls has taken to social media to remind everyone that the once beautiful and enviable relationship between Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke truly ended in tears.

Years ago, Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke were love birds. The two personalities had their moments and time as lovers as they were spotted together several times having fun.

However, their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time and they ended it somewhere in 2013.

Nadia Buari is currently married with 4 adorable girls – 2 sets of twins.

Jim Iyke is still not married but has a baby boy who he really vibes with.

Recently, during Jim Iyke’s media tour in Ghana, he revealed that his relationship with Nadia at the moment is not that cordial.

According to him, he sometimes checked on her but that is just about it. They neither discuss business or life.

She [Nadia Buari] is somebody that I can pick up the phone and call her and say ‘Hey sis! What is going on?’ And she will say ‘Nice.’

“So yeah, we have those kinds of conversations,” he said during an interview.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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