John Boadu, Freddie Blay sleeping on the job – Hajia Fati

A well-known vociferous supporter of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hajia Fati is accusing the hierarchy of the party, especially the National Chairman, Freddie Blay and General Secretary, John Boadu of dereliction of duties.

She further claimed John Boadu has been impeding the work of the party’s chairman.

According to her, Chairman Freddie Blay has virtually ceased coming to the NPP’s National Headquarters.

She told NEAT FM’s morning show, ‘Ghana Montie’ that “John is haunting Blay from coming to the party office”.

The controversial diehard NPP supporter further alleged that the General Secretary has relocated from the party Headquarters and has rented a private edifice at Osu which serves as his office. This move, she says, is just to “avoid being disturbed by the numerous grassroot supporters who thronged to the Headquarters on a daily basis”.

She additionally disclosed that the National Chairman “strategically develops a sudden running stomach upset anytime he comes to the Headquarters, just so he can quickly leave the premises.”

Bemoaning the fact that they have equally refused to take care of those who laboured for the victory of the party in 2016, she said; “On the few occasions they come to the offices and see party staff, they frown their faces. They have forgotten that the party brought them into power…John Boadu has even abandoned the party Headquarters and rented a private office in Osu.”

She further warned the two to “be careful. You did not take the positions to sleep in your houses…was that why you were voted for? All those who have taken party positions from John Boadu and Freddie Blay….They are not telling Nana Addo the truth, all is not well within the party at all…..”

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