Judges are never right

He was an ex-convict before his judge facing charges to have illegally entered his former work place through a roof window and stolen few items. During the hearing State Prosecutor and Lawyer asked for his subsequent release based on inadequate evidence presented by witnesses. The Judge, after 5 minutes in his back office, returned sentencing him to 2 years in prison.

Late 1960th and 70th abortion (§218) in Germany was illegal, today accepted under certain conditions. § 175 in German law book (Homosexuality) was in everyday headlines. Today in most White Man´s societies same sex marriages are protected by their constitution leaving Africa, the Arab world and a few other areas as a stronghold for hetero marriages only. Societies change over and by time, so do their values and laws accordingly, nothing is stable and absolute forever; values have become a common good to use them as it pleases people.

GOD gave human the first law when he said to Adam and Eve not to eat from the forbidden fruit. Kicked out from the Garden of Eden, he gave mankind a second chance to obey him through Moses and the Ten Commandments. Humans did not stop to kill each other, steal from each other or cheat on their spouses not mentioning to forget honouring their parents (not to love them!).

Judges have laws as their tools but use them accordingly to their own personal interpretation. In different countries and times punishment for the same offences differ like sand on a beach. Life in prisonment in Germany means release normally after 15 years (better the name should be changed to reflect reality and not giving false hope to the effected once) while in other countries people get killed by the Government and in Ghana by the inmates. As long as the law is made by humans and in their hands, also the execution of them, constantly uncertainty shapes their lives.

My ex-wife Emma Heerde (born Jaoko, Kenyan) behind my back in 2013 while I was in Ghana managed to take all my furniture and personal documents (books manuscripts, patent certificate, University Diploma etc.) into her procession at an unknown place intending to destroy my life having married me for the reason to get a residence permit but made a child in our marriage with another German from Hamburg so to divorce me to have a residence permit on her own through the child. Seated on the bed, she had once shouted out loudly: „I am the devil.”

In Ghana land not build on in a period of 12 years can be re-processed for free by any person. During my long life, whether winning or losing in court, I was never understanding the “justice” that was supposed to be done.

As the old saying goes, on high see and before court, we are all in the hands of GOD. Will this ever change? The outlook is dark on this fundamental question.

The benefit to suffer under evil and injustice is for GOD`s Saints to leave a good name, a legacy and testimony for their children to have a glorious foundation on which to stand on and see the hands of GOD in everything that happens to them.

Before you go for a Lawyer, go on your knees and pray to GOD, force him to answer you and let justice be done to you (Psalm 37, 33) as the devils are among us everywhere Believers know, the devil fights every day, but GOD only works with time and over time, he will set the righteous free from bondage and give them their rightful place in life forever lasting, a strong inheritance for generations to come, while the wicked once pass on to their descendent shame and disgrace, some things to block them in life to make it.

A good name and good deeds are worth more than money in the bank or cemented in stone of lush villas. But remember, never take the law into your own hands, but let only GOD fight for you always and stay calm in your corner ready to receive the blessings over time as we all know from Job and Joseph so well that GOD is a living and doing GOD forever and ever! Out of your hurt, pain and desperation, take out the important momentum to reach out for your glory and let the past and the evil stand far behind you.

Karl-Heinz Heerde

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