Judges, Lawyers are colonial-minded folks wearing dirty, dead people’s wig- Blakk Rasta

Radio personality Blakk Rasta has described Lawyers and Justices in Ghana as colonial-minded people.

His description of them is a result of the continuous wearing of what he describes as “dirty, dead white people’s hair”.

“Lawyers and judges wearing dirty, dead white people’s hair as judicial wigs. Colonial-minded guys who claim they are ‘learned’,” he said in a post shared on Facebook.

There has been arguments against the wearing of the wigs by Law Practitioners in the country.

There have been arguments for the Ghana Bar Association to scrap it out of the system since it depicts neo colonialism.

Kwaku Sintim Misa known popularly as a KSM has in the past indicated that wearing the wigs makes the judges and lawyers look like cartoons and it’s imperative that the GBA scraps the wearing of the wigs.

“When will the GBA outlaw this sickly, clownish and ugly BLONDE WIGS? I am sorry, it makes you look like CARTOONS. Let’s get real please. Its 2021 for crying out loud.”

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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