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Judiciary should concern itself with public mistrust not media censorship – NDC Youth Organizer

National Youth Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken a swipe at the Judges sitting on the 2020 election petition and the Judicial Service over their attempts to gag the people of Ghana on matters concerning justice in the country.

According to him, the Judiciary is being unfair and if not check will come back to haunt the country in the future.

He noted that since the Judiciary released its statement, it has been met with contempt; an indication that the people of Ghana do not welcome their attempts to look superior and above reproach.

Adding that “we must be very concerned if this is the level of mistrust the people have towards the justice system”.

George Opare Addo was of the view that the issue should not be made partisan but should be addressed because the country will be treading on a dangerous path and the earlier the Chief Justice realize this and apologize, the better.


The way Ghanaians are speaking up in the aftermath of the unpopular statement by the judicial service speaks volumes of what they think of our judiciary.

We must be very concerned if this is the level of mistrust the people have towards the justice system.

The statement certainly doesn’t score right with Ghanaians and as a matter of urgency, the Chief Justice must take a second look at the statement. At the very least, he must try and win Ghanaians to their side by withdrawing it.

This development is not healthy for the country and I foresee a much bigger problem in the future if this is not addressed with dispatch.Let’s not make this about the the NDC or NPP.

We are treading a very dangerous path .


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