Kan Dapaah’s side chick’s ex-husband speaks; drops more stunning details about her

Minister of National Security, Kan Dapaah and his side chick, Chantelle Kujewu have been trending for the past couple of days.

The two are dominating the headlines after Chantelle leaked a romantic conversation video she had with the minister.

Following the release of the video, Chantelle’s head has been on the chopping board after her photos flooded social media.

Now, in a viral report sighted by, Chantelle’s ex-husband has popped up and he has released deadly details about her.

According to the reports, Chantelle had a child before she met her husband.

She and her ex-husband gave birth to another child, making her children two.

However, Chantelle who according to reports is a ‘mamaga’ in the side chick business, cheated on her husband, duped and dumped him.

She is said to have left her ex-husband to chase big men and politicians for cash.Chantelle is currently known to be based in Canada but flies across countries for jobs. Her ex-husband Charles Ampofo has also found another woman and secretly married her.

Below is a photo of Chantelle’s ex-husband:


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