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Keep your relationships off social media – Beverly Afaglo

Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo has advised Ghanaian youth to keep their relationships on a low key until their partners have shown seriousness by going to see their parents to perform the necessary rites.

The actress was speaking on Ayeeko Ayeeko on Accra100.5FM, Thursday, 19 March 2020.

Beverly Afaglo who kept her relationship away from the public when she was dating her current husband, Choirmaster of Praye fame, entreated the youth especially women to keep a low profile while dating their partners and stop parading them on social media.

She told show host Nana Romeo that: “If you’re a woman and you’re dating a man and he hasn’t seen your parents to perform the knocking rites, because definitely, a man who is serious, will come home and see your parents or your entire family will know him. Until then, I’ll advise that you keep him on a low key, keep a low profile, don’t let people know. If your friends know him, it’s fine, but don’t parade him on social media because once you put him on social media even if there are no issues surrounding him, someone will get something to say about him. That’s when they’ll say I know that guy then they’ll start sending you direct messages that that’s his girl or this is his girlfriend and that will break your heart. But if no one knows they can’t come and advice you.

“Someone will also say that if you had put him on social media someone could have prompted you that’s when he’s married elsewhere. That also happens but if you do that and later find out he’s married elsewhere, but it’s you who is dating the person who needs to be vigilant because sometimes when people say that we were in bed when he woke up to go marry someone else. If the person says they had no iota of doubt that the guy was cheating even once, it’s not true because when someone’s cheating on you, you’ll see, no matter what, you’ll see a sign that he’s cheating. So putting him on social media will not make you know whether or not he has someone else beside you. So don’t put him on social media.”

Source: Classsfmonline.com

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