Kelni GVG finally speaks on deal

Kelni GVG has stated that monitors that will be connected to the networks of telecom operator are “non-intrusive, passive and secure data collection equipment”.

The company for the first time disclosed in a 19-point response to questions about the monitoring platform and other pertinent issues that have raised concerns in the past weeks concerning the deal.

Telecom service providers raised concerns about the data security and interference with customer privacy.

The telcos alleged that the architectural design of the Kelni GVG equipment indicates to them that the monitors can spy on their customers.

The Communications Service Tax law states that the monitoring equipment should not be capable of accessing content of any communication.

Kelni GVG stated that the CMP “does not have the capability to listen to calls or read the SMS contents of mobile users,” adding “there is no personal data on the CMP. The CMP does not have the capability to match numbers with names/real persons.”

The company added that the CMP is solely signal based and added that it only collects information traded between telecom nodes before, during and after communication on a network.

“A signal only contains the statistics of the communication…carried on a channel that is independent of the communication channel carrying the voice content,” they stated.

It also stated that the operations of the CMP will conform to Ghana’s Data Protection Act 2012, Act 843.

The company also gave explanations on how the CMP will meet the four deliverables: real-time traffic monitoring, revenue assurance, fraud management and mobile money monitoring.

On traffic monitoring the company noted enables the comprehensive and accurate billing of 32% share of 19 cents per minute of international incoming traffic.

Adding that the CMP is designed to provide a real-time accurate measurement of the volume of international incoming traffic, the volume

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