Kendrick Lamar pays tribute to Mac Miller

Kendrick Lamar has shared some fond memories of his late friend and fellow rapper Mac on US TV.

Speaking during the opening segment of Open Late With Peter Rosenberg, Ken described Mac as a “funny, funny, funny individual.”

“He showed a smile and then you gave that smile right back. It made you feel good,” said Kendrick.

“All in all, that’s the type of person he was – just a good dude.”

Miller was found dead at his home in LA last week, aged 26.

[He] Always made you feel good, just a great energy to have around. He’d pull up to the studio, give honest opinions. I’d play some music, he’d say, ‘I like that. You should do something right here.’

Just whatever, man, and he was just true and selfless about it. Great musician. Great writer.

Ken added: “No matter what he was going through, he didn’t make you feel sorry for him, you know? He was strong about it – always kept a smile on his face because he wanted you to smile, too.

“And that’s just something I always loved, you know, no matter whatever personal issues, he gave you that energy.”

Signing off with: “So forever we’re gonna remember the life and we’re gonna remember that smile. Celebrate. Mac Miller. Love.”

Yesterday, we told you how fans and friends had gathered at Miller’s favourite Frick Park in Pittsburgh – immortalised in his debut album Blue Slide Park – for a candlelit vigil.

The star’s grandmother, Marcia Weiss, thanked well wishers, saying: “Everybody, he would be so excited, he wished he was here and I wish he was here.

“But he loves you all, he loves Pittsburgh and everything you have done for him.”


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