Killing our future slowly – Kojo Yankah writes

I get really concerned, like others, about the future of our youth and people. Sometimes, l get convinced that the energies and attention of our people, particularly the youth, have been diverted to politics by agenda setters, including politicians and the media, for a purpose: NOT to know much or worry about the harsh realities facing us as a people.

In 2013, civil society organizations like Food Sovereignty Ghana, Catholics Bishops Conference, the Coalition for Farmers Rights, and the Convention People’s Party and various individuals kicked against the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) technology on our farms. Government ignored them and pushed through the Ghana Biosafety Act.

It was all against the heavily researched and proven evidence that GMOs are health hazards. Under the influence of Multinational Corporations, GMOs are forced on the poor farmers of Ghana, while many other countries in Asia and the Americas have opposed the introduction of the technology.

This year Researchers concluded that GMOs have been responsible for the ‘massive increases in public health and poor quality of life around the world’.

Today, 65 Civil society organisations including 37 from Ghana, 11 from Africa and 17 from outside Africa have researched and are telling Ghanaians that the $10bn. bauxite development in Ghana’s forests around Kibi and Nyinahin has very serious negative ecological, economic and social impact on Ghana as a whole.

‘A cost-benefit analysis of alternative uses of the Atiwa Forest found that conserving the forest intact and creating a National Park at Atiwa with a supporting buffer zone would result in a cumulative value of $11.57billion over 30 years compared to $10.17bn brought by mining and logging activities’, the study says.

Our rivers, the source of our livelihood as a people, are in danger. From the Western Region, Physician Regional Minister Dr Kweku Afriyie is lamenting that the negative social impacts of illegal mining are UNDERREPORTED. Apart from the massive pollution of River Pra and River Ankobra, and its environmental degradation, addiction to cocaine and abuse of drugs has become rampant.

Talking about Tramadol effects? Why don’t we just ban it?

With our rivers poisoned, our food contaminated with GMO technology, and our youth on drugs, aren’t we sadly ‘killing ourselves and our future’.

Who says IMANI and other CSOs are ‘too known’?

It is members of civil society organisations or individuals who turn into politicians to make the laws.

Let the media and public opinion turn serious attention to these Unrereported areas and help save our Future !!!

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Source: Kojo Yankah

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