Kofas Media boss stands by black mentality comment, hails whites

KOFAS media boss Kofi Asamoah has finally defended his comments about black mentality.

Speaking on Zylofon FM with Sammy Flex, he explained his utterances were not out of malice or disrespect but out of a desire to better ourselves as people.

According to him lots of people who are privileged to travel outside or experience the western world share the same thoughts.

The successful movie producer said “blacks have wisdom and natural resources but we lack the impetus to utilise our wisdom to better our lives”.

Kofi alluded that the mere fact that blacks were forcefully taken to the western countries during the slave trade is a clear indication that blacks have sense.

Kofi revealed his comment about former president Kwame Nkrumah was on the lighter side and asked Ghanaians to disregard that portion of the statement.

He asked Ghanaian citizens to look deeper into his comments and work collectively to make Ghana into the country everyone desires.

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