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Kofi Koranteng takes on EC over cumbersome nomination process

A disqualified independent presidential aspirant, Kofi Koranteng has launched a scathing attack on the Electoral Commission over its nomination process describing it as a set up to disqualify people.

“You have set yourselves up to stab people. That is what the EC is doing”, he laments.

The Electoral Commission disqualified Mr. Koranteng from the 2020 presidential contest for alleged forger, an allegation he denies.

CPP constituency executives endorsed his candidacy and at the same the party’s flagbearer, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, according to the EC.

He blames the Electoral Commission’s strenuous nomination processes for his predicament.

Seemingly frustrated by the experiences from his disqualification, Mr. Koranteng wonders why the Electoral Commission would resort to such cumbersome paper processes when the other sectors of the country are supposed to be going digital.

“Where everybody else is talking about going soft and going electronic, going digital; get Dr. Bawumia to see this. He forgot about the EC, right? What is this? And then they set you up for you to miss a cross on a “T” or miss a dot on an “I” [then they] disqualify you. What kind of EC does that?” Mr. Koranteng fumed when he address a press conference on Thursday, October 29, 2020.

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