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Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is in a deplorable state

Komfo Anokye Teachings hospital is one of the leading teaching hospitals in the country but it is ludicrous to come to terms with the state of   the medical facility and Teachings hospital now.
The state of the hospital buildings is an eye saw  and this goes to confirm our lack of maintenance culture.
The attached images are egregious and does not befit the status of a health facility that must ensure medical delivery.
The management of this health facility must be sanctioned because such a critical medical facility must not be allowed to rot away carelessly.
The health facility must undergo rigorous restructuring to give it a facelift.
There a lot of open cables on the walls and on the floor of many wards which is dangerous in the unlikely event that there is any mechanical fault which can expose the facility into flames.
Poor leaders are insipid  leaders who often build out of the populist notion of building without room for repairs.
It is absolutely not conscionable to spend millions of dollars to put up a projects but spare the thousand of Ghana cedis to renovation and allow these projects of tax payers money to go to waste without recourse to law.
I took a walk to the washrooms of most the wards of this health facility and teachings hospital but my disappointment had just aggravated to a superfluously point since virtually most of the taps were neither functioning nor malfunctioning.
I encountered a scene that dropped tears from my eyes, an old man who had crutches on both arms with his right leg bandaged had to use the washroom but the malfunctioning tap had overrun and this man limping with the crutches covered the affected bandaged legs with polythene to prevent the bandage from being wet to be able to limp through the overflowing place to use the washroom.
I’m appalled and startled by the  level of monitoring and supervision of our public space.
One of our fundamental challenges as a country is poor or no supervision. Poor supervision is a crippling factor that has undermine our growth and development.
We owe it as responsible citizens to bring to the attention of policy makers or authorities to hold them accountable for their stewardship.
Leadership without sense of responsibility and accountability is not worth following and Youth for Development is poised to bring to book the ills of our institutions to help solve our problems.
Robert Dambo
(President Youth for Development)
Samuel Wudana
(PRO,  Y. D. F)

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