Kotokolis promise 100% endorsement for Oti Region in referendum

The Kotokolis in the northern territory of the Volta Region are promising a 100% endorsement of the division of the region in the December 27 referendum.

They believe it’s the only means development would get to their hometown, Tam Koe, located on the Ghana-Togo border.

“We the people of Ghana Tem strongly support the creation of Oti Region and we will all vote ‘Yes’ come 27th December 2018”, said the Overlord of Kotokolis in Ghana, Wuro Dawood Chedere Brinai II at a mini rally in Tam Koe.

He has, therefore, implored Kotokolis who are registered voters in Tam Koe to return home to participate in the referendum, leading to a massive endorsement of the division of the Volta Region.

The Overlord argued the development gap between the south and north, expressing optimism the creation of the proposed Oti Region would contribute lessen the numerous social challenges in the northern territory of the region.

“We are not calling for a reduction in facilities available to our brothers and sisters in the southern part of the Volta Region. No, we are only requesting for equity in the distribution of the ‘Regional cake’. We want Oti Region. Simple!”

He further stated that “when the new region comes, I am sure residents in Tam Koe will have good roads to travel on, enough drinking water and improved access to healthcare.”

“We will not have to travel to Accra and elsewhere for jobs. Jobs will created for the youth here”, he stressed.

Wuro Dawood Chedere Brinai II implored his subjects to cooperate with the officials of the Electoral Commission and the National Commission for Civic Education before, during and after the December 27th referendum.

A special prayer season was held to ask Allah for his blessings and intervention to make the creation of the proposed Oti region a reality.

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