Kwahu Nkwatia JHS student invents incubator; says he can manufacture car

A 15yr old talented boy has confidently stated that with the aid of some local materials, he can manufacture a car.

Samuel Asante, a student of the Nkwatia Methodist Junior High School in the Eastern Region confidently made this statement on Agoo FM’s morning show, ‘Ene Nso Bio’.

“When I was little, people would come to me with their faulty Radios and other items. I fixed them accurately. At a point, I felt I could equally manufacture these things on my own so I would sometimes dismantle the Radio and fix it again.” he said.

Earlier last week, Samuel was in the News for building an incubator that hatched Chicks.

Julius Oppong, Samuel’s Science Tutor, described Samuel as a Special student, different among his Colleagues.

According to Mr Oppong, “We demonstrate to them in class, conditions necessary for hatching. These are taught in Class. However, Samuel’s practice is beyond the knowledge he had acquired in Class. I was so surprised to see what he has made. This undeniably verifies the assertion that Samuel, could produce different items from a particular material.”

He however disclosed that due to inadequate materials to produce these machines, he would sometimes spoil the ones he had already made in order to use those materials to produce others.

Moreover, Samuel stated ” I once made a machine which specifically produced heat in the particular environment it was placed just as air conditioner cools the air in the particular environment it is fixed. I spoilt it because I needed the materials to be used in the production of other machines.”

He added that ” I need a welding machine. I need a cutter which will cut the metal into my desired shapes and sizes”.

Samuel surprisingly revealed that he had also produced a machine that could track thieves in his absence.

“I made a machine which I attached to my door. This machine could blow alarm that a thief had sneaked into the house if I was not home”, he said.

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