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Lady apologises to Selly Galley after calling her ‘ugly’ and ‘barren’

The infamous young lady who tagged actress Selly Galley as an “ugly and barren” woman has issued an apology.

Henewaa Piesie had called the actress these names after Selly shared a makeup-free post on her Instagram page.

Reacting to the backlash her comments brought, the young lady took to her Insta story stating she did not mean to hurt the actress or her family.

“I am really sorry for using such words on you. Find a place in your heart to forgive me,” she wrote.

Lady who named Selly Galley barren and ugly begs her

Henewaa Piesie also shared another video begging the actress’ followers and fans to accept her apology.

She also called the manager of Selly Gally’s husband, Praye Tiatia, begging that he talks to the actress on her behalf.

According to her, she has been trying to reach the family but her efforts has not been fruitful.

Selly Gally after seeing the young lady’s initial post was not pleased.

Parts of her reply read, “I say to you this Wednesday noon of October 14th, 2020 that you will not live to prosper and be happy. You will have a lifetime of bad luck.

“Everything you touch, say or do will bring unexplainable misery to you. Your generation will pass on the curse of infertility, unhappiness, madness and misery I call upon you this day.”

“May your business go from bad to worse. May every pain I’ve ever felt in my life be transferred to you. You will beg to die and even death will forsake you.

“My Lord did not create me barren or any woman and so may HE make an example of you to show HIS greatness. I DARE THE LORD TO HEAR MY CRY…”


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