Leila Djansi demands apology, retraction of ‘defamatory comments’ by Kafui Danku

Movie producer and director Leila Djansi is demanding an apology and a retraction from actress Kafui Danku over “defamatory” statements she made on Facebook.

In a letter served by the lawyers of Ms Djansi, they said the comments were made not only to tarnish the producer’s image but also negatively influence the society’s image of Leila.

“I might as well make the whole community aware that you are DANGEROUS…If anybody has warned you to be careful of Leila Djansi, believe them,” is the statement Kafui Danku had written on her Facebook wall on July 21.

Kafui Danku and Leila Djansi fued

They claim Kafui Danku had deleted the initial apology she had written to the ‘Northern Affair’ director.

Kafui Danku and Leila Djansi fued

“Notwithstanding the said apology, the damage to our client’s reputation had already been occasioned as the said defamatory words had been widely circulated by various media outlets and blogs.”

Leila Djansi and her lawyers are demanding Kafui Danku directs all media outlets that published the story to not only take them down but also publish her apology and retraction.

The retraction is also expected to be posted on Kafui Danku’s Facebook wall for at least seven days.

If Kafui Danku fails to do so, Leila Djansi “will be compelled to pursue appropriate remedies without further notice to you.”


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