Let Britney choose her own lawyer – Mother

Pop star Britney Spears can look after herself and should be allowed to choose her own lawyer, her mother has said.

In a court petition filed this week in Los Angeles, Ms Spears’ lawyers said her daughter “must be allowed to consult with counsel of her choosing”.

During a court hearing last month, the US singer dramatically called for the ending of the legal conservatorship that has overseen her life since 2008.

Earlier this week her court-appointed lawyer asked to resign from his role.

Larry Rudolph, her long-time manager, has also announced he is stepping down.

Lynne Spears’s petition comes as another of Spears’s conservators has asked the court to approve higher security costs.

Jodi Montgomery, who manages the star’s health care, said she has been receiving threats on social media, by phone and via email.

Last week a US judge denied the pop star’s request to remove her father Jamie from his role overseeing her conservatorship. Judge Brenda Penny said she could not make a ruling until the singer files a formal petition to terminate the arrangement.

The case is set to be addressed at a hearing on 14 July.

In her legal filing, Lynne Spears said her daughter’s “capacity is certainly different today than it was” when the conservatorship was imposed.

She said the singer was “able to care for her person” and should “no longer be held to the 2008 standard”.

Britney, 39, has been under the conservatorship since that year, when concerns over her mental health prompted her father to petition the court for legal authority over his daughter’s life.

Britney Spears is the middle child of Jamie and Lynne Spears, who married in 1976 and divorced in 2002.

Last week the singer’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn, said she was “so proud of her [sister] for using her voice”.

During her testimony last month, Spears said the “abusive” conservatorship had left her “traumatised” and “depressed”.

The mother-of-two claimed she had been drugged, forced to perform against her will and prevented from having more children.

“I just want my life back.” she said, via phone, in her 23-minute appearance.

Jamie Spears has so far refused to step down from his role overseeing his daughter’s estate.

Source: BBC

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