Let’s preserve the legacy of Jerry John Rawlings – Joyce Aryee

A former Secretary of Information under the PNDC government has made a clarion call to all Ghanaians to preserve the legacy of former President Jerry John Rawlings.

According to Rev. Joyce Aryee, the former President during his tenure stood for probity, accountability and justice.

She made the call on the Super Morning Show where she said, “if we truly believe that corruption is not good and if we truly believe in accountability, justice, then Rawlings’ legacy must live on.”

Recounting memories of his former boss, Dr Aryee said Mr Rawlings will forever be remembered for his passion for what he believed in.

According to her, the former head of state was very passionate about what he believed in and this drive, on many occasions influenced his decisions in government.

She added that the statesman fought for the good of society such that the marginalised in society benefitted positively from the policies made during his tenure.

“He wanted to make sure that whatever decision that he had taken would affect people and affect them positively,” she said.

Speaking further, she noted that for the legacy of Rawlings to live on, “we should again, look at ourselves as a country; it’s not just a party issue, it’s a national issue because probity, is as important now as it was then when he talked about it.

“Accountability is important now even more as then when he [Rawlings] talked about it. And justice is something that will never cease to be important,” she said.

The comments follow the demise of Jerry John Rawlings who passed on at the intensive care unit of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.

Mr Rawlings died on the 12th November, 2020 following a short illness.

A four day plan which began on the 24th and ended on the 28th January, 2021, was subsequently drawn for the final burial rites to be performed.

He was buried at the Burma Camp Military Cemetery.

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