Let’s work harder – Doreen Andoh advises Ghanaian music industry players

Seasoned broadcaster, Doreen Andoh has waded into the conversation regarding more Nigerian music being played on Ghanaian airwaves than the local ones.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, ‘Maa Dor’ said Ghanaian musicians need to work harder in creating more music in order to own the airwaves in Ghana as it’s supposed to be.

Ms. Andoh was sharing her thoughts on peculiar actions that contribute to particular music gaining desired airplay. The veteran broadcaster, who has entertained radio listeners with great music over two decades, disclosed that the secret behind the much talked about take-over by Nigerians is that, “if the song is good and the DJ is playing it, you can’t pull him out, because he knows that’s what his listeners also enjoy.”

Doreen Andoh added that “if we did music that will go head to head with Nigerian music, it would get the same airplay.”

She sang the praise of young Ghanaian musicians who she said have been going the extra mile to create quality music by all standards.

The host of ‘Cosmopolitan Mix’, challenged Ghanaian music creators to step up their game if they want to own the airwaves.

“It’s about time our musicians, though they’re good, have to rise up a little bit more to catch up…we work hard, we’re doing a lot of great music but we have to work harder,” Doreen Andoh added.

In recent times, conversations have been ongoing with regards to why Nigerian music seem to have taken over Ghanaian music on radio and at events.

Many have shared their thoughts with some slamming Ghanaian DJs for putting Nigerian music first. They contend that it’s unpatriotic.


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