Letter to parents

Dear Parent,

We know that your dream is to see your child excel above his or her peers. It is for this reason that you strive just to put your children on the right path, be it social, moral or traditional. In a quest to make us excel, you put us on a path to suit societal demands without our consent. Most of you go to the extent of comparing us to our colleagues. In this case, you break the child you’re working very hard to make.

It’s an undeniable fact that most parents don’t take delight in seeing their child grow up exploring our unique talents, abilities and interests that we [children] have and nurture them. Some of you get frustrated when you realize that we  aren’t so passionate about school and turn a blind eye on our broad-based interests and talents that need nurturing.

A lot of us have been forced unto a path we have no interest in. Very few parents ask the golden question, “What are you good at, or what is your passion?”

By my observation, most parents tend to push their wards into careers that seem secure. Parents believe that professions like, medicine, accounting, engineering, to name a few, offer a lot more security as compared to other professions like teaching, among others.

Life is not all about income, accolades, position, or success. Besides, what’s money and property if you’re not really living. Parents should provide the avenue for us children to develop our talents. Parents must be very observant when spending time with their children.

Most of us tend to discover our talents at the latter parts of our lives. A lot of the time, it’s too late.

My advice to parents is, let us choose, then you guide. This way, we’ll both be on the same side.

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim.

Social Commentator.


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