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Like seriously; a predetermined agenda? – Egyapa Mercer pans Dominic Ayine

Member of Parliament (MP) for Sekondi Constituency in the Western Region, Andrew Kofi Egyapa Mercer has blasted Dominic Ayine, Member of Parliament(MP) for Bolgatanga East, over his recent comments about the Supreme Court (SC) Justices.

Dr. Dominic Ayine, a member of the legal team of former President John Mahama – the petitioner in the ongoing election petition – courted criticisms for saying the Judges have a predetermined agenda to rule against the petitioner.

” . . these are germane issues under the constitution of Ghana and to reduce the petition into a single issue petition is rather unfortunate and smacks of a predetermined agenda to rule against the petitioner in this matter,” Dr Ayine said after the SC dismissed former President Mahama’s application to reopen his case to enable him subpoena Madam Jean Mensa, the EC Chairperson.

Reacting to this on Peace FM’s morning show ”Kokrokoo”, Egyapa Mercer wondered how Dr. Ayine could make such statements about the Justices because he is a Professor of law and therefore should know better.

“He said the Justices of the Supreme Court have a predetermined agenda; like seriously! My own Professor, that you’re not aware that adverse witness is defined? . . . That you go to court and make an application to reopen your case, even with that, there’s a test that you need to meet. Is Dr. Ayine not aware? He’s not aware and that if you don’t meet that test, the Supreme Court is not likely to grant you your application. Is he not aware? He’s not aware that an adverse witness is your own witness you call . . . Dr. Ayine is not aware?” he questioned his (Dr. Ayine) logic.

Lawyer Egyapa Mercer explained the difference between Dr. Afari Gyan, former EC Chairperson, mounting the witness box during the 2013 election petition by President Nana Akufo-Addo, then NPP Presidential candidate, and the inability of Mrs. Jean Mensa, current EC Chairperson, to be a witness in the ongoing election petition at the Supreme Court.

“We had proof of those infractions, irregularities, illegalities and we went to court with that evidence. So, let nobody confuse nobody that, in 2012, Afari Gyan went into the witness box; why is it that Madam Jean Mensa doesn’t want to go into the witness box? Because, by the time Dr. Bawumia led his evidence-in-Chief, it was clear that the EC had a question to answer,” he stated.

He, therefore, expressed utter disappointment in Dr. Ayine who he described as once his tutor.


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