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List of Others Nkonkonsa Cheated on Lebene With Aside Abena Korkor Drops

This is the year of the blogger.

Nkonkonsa started the trend of bloggers cheating on their women when Abena Korkor exposed him.

Not long after, ZionFelix also decided to take over the mantle, impressively impregnating two women and marrying one of them secretly.

But Nkonkonsa was not happy with all the attention ZionFelix was grabbing over him.

He has now managed to bring himself back into the limelight with another scandal.

On Thursday, we reported on a new beef brewing between filmmaker Kobi Rana and Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, as Nkonkonsa is known in real life.

Kobi Rana had posted a critique of politicians who failed to fix the country but were praying against LGBT folks.

He blasted them for their incompetence.

Nkonkonsa reposted Rana’s critique with an LGBT focused caption.

That angered Rana who hit back at Nkonkonsa.

According to him Nkonkonsa intentionally did that to get Ghanaians to bash him.

He couldn’t fathom why his ‘fix the country’ post was twisted into an LGBT post by Nkonkonsa.

He went wild and said he knows the secrets of Nkonkonsa and he will be dropping them – alleging Nkonkonsa has not only been lckng honeypots but sh*tholes as well!

Kobi Rana followed that up with another post.

His first attack against Nkonkonsa was a comment but Eugene deleted it since it was under his post.

Rana then took to his wall and threatened to drop list of people Eugene has slept wth aside Korkor.

“Married man licking tr*mu all over the place and painting others black. We know the list aside Korkor and you know it. Open your mouth and see,” he warned.

The vawulence level in the country is now scary!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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