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Local Startup Partners With Global FinTech Company To Digitize Okada Operations

Ghanian company, Trans-Sahara Industries, has recently partnered with EightD&Co, a global FinTech company, and Africa 8D Limited, its locally registered office, to launch BluBird Technologies — a digital ride-hailing service for motorcycles (okada) and electric bikes. This revolutionary digital service has been designed to improve the country’s transportation system, so commuters can travel with ease and minimal hassle. With the BluBird app, it’ll also be easy for motorcycle, electric bike, and bicycle owners to earn money via parcel delivery or taxi service.

Legalizing okada operations in Ghana

This partnership comes right after a slew of recent calls for okada operations to be legalized in Ghana. People want the country’s road and traffic laws changed to legalize the activity. To this end, the BluBird app is a highly-regulated and monitored platform, which can go a long way in  winning over opposing members of parliament. Gerald Acheampong, CEO of Trans-Sahara Industries, told the press his company is implementing technology which can both accelerate and facilitate the legalization of commercial motorcycle operations. Acheampong also noted the resulting significant boost to the economy and how it can help lower youth unemployment rates in Ghana.

BluBird will ensure riders use motorbikes which meet regulator quality standards, as well as pass company inspection. BluBird will only partner with okada riders licensed by the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to ensure safety standards. Riders will be required to wear the correct protective clothing and adhere to traffic regulations, which minimizes the risk of dangerous driving. Vehicles will also be monitored on the platform, which means any illegal activity can easily be traced and registered owners identified. BluBird will monitor both rides and riders to ensure they comply. As an incentive, riders will also be able to collect rewards through the app which results in higher pay.

Improving Ghana together

At the MOU signing ceremony, Kevin El-Hassan, the Founder of EightD&Co, highlighted his company’s dedication to create innovative financial solutions to improve life for the low-income and unbanked market all over the world. “We combine best-in-class technology and customer empathy to design product experiences that drive social impact, economic advances, and solve challenges specific to each region”, El-Hassan stated.

Additionally, Ighsaan Jacobs, the local Managing Partner Africa for EightD&Co, emphasized how well the partnership is working, as well as his intentions to grow the FinTech company’s presence in Ghana. “Gerald and his amazing team of young entrepreneurial-minded visionaries, represent the very core of what we see as empowering local Ghanaian talent and globalizing their dreams into reality. Indeed we are just scratching the surface of where this partnership will collectively lead us to”.

In addition to prioritizing customer experience, satisfaction, and safety, BluBird is also making sure they take special care of their riders. Currently, BluBird are working on a rider training program for all registered riders. Moreover, women can benefit from comprehensive and empowering special training, so they can successfully earn a living with BluBird to support their families.

By Katlyn Eriksen

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