Locking up my 70 year old wife very wrong – Western Togoland founder to gov’t

The founder and leader of the yet to be recognised Western Togoland nation has called on the government of Ghana to release some citizens of his who were arrest following the declaration of independence from Ghana.

Looking immaculately dressed and sounding younger than 80 years, Charles Komi Kudzordzi said in a broadcast message on Youtube that even though declarations such as what he did is mostly associated with war, he wants this to be peaceful.

“I want to the tell the government of Ghana that what has started happening is not the right thing; going round, arresting people in the streets, taking them and locking them up in cells and particularly taking my near 70year old wife and locking her up, no, that is not the right thing,” he said from his hideout on Friday.

He, therefore, called on the international community to prevail on the government of Ghana to stop the injustice being meted out against his subjects “to avoid any possible mayhem”.

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