Lying Pastors have brainwashed most Ghanaians – Kennedy Agyapong

Businessman and politician, Kennedy Agyapong has observed that pastors in the country have succeeded in brainwashing the citizenry through lies and through that they easily fall for their schemes.

According to him, Ghanaians have reached a point they only depend on directives of their pastors as though they have no sense of their own bemoaning this latest development that has caught up well with a section of them.

“It is so disgusting how Ghanaians have taken religion. If it 4am and you are going to Cape Coast you will realize that Ghanaians are not lazy at all. It is, however, saddening to note that these pastors have lied to Ghanaians to the extent that they are refusing to think with the brains given to them by God. We are solely dependent on pastors these days”, he revealed on Accra-based NET 2 TV monitored by

He wondered why church members will be chasing for chains and other souvenirs of pastors who are cashing on it and enriching themselves.

“You go and the pastor tells you he has created a talisman or bangle and that you will get a lot of benefits if you buy it…are you dumb? Find out how come that pastor made money to be able to buy and dash vehicles…is it manner from heaven? It is your collection and those talisman you buy he will use to deceive others to also come to his church to make more money”

The Assin Central lawmaker added that religion impeding and indoctrinating Ghanaians.

“What is going in Ghana is that we are refusing to think”, he asked.

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