Maamobi kidnapping: Only garlic was found in suspect’s room – Police

The Nima Divisional Police Commander, ACP Abraham Acquaye has revealed that upon a search conducted only garlic was found in the room of the Nigerian who has been arrested for attempting to kidnap a boy around the Maamobi polyclinic in Accra.

According to him, no other item that could link the suspect to such crime and can aid in a speedy prosecution was found in his room.

The suspect, yet to be named, was arrested after an eyewitness raised an alarm while he was luring the 4-year-old boy into a waiting vehicle with three other suspects in it.

The suspect reportedly ran into a nearby house and changed his clothing but his cover was blown after residents of the house gave him up. The others in the car sped off.

The arresting mob then took him to the police station. The boy is safe.

Speaking to Kasapa News on the issue, ACP Abraham Acquaye stated although nothing incriminating has been found in the suspect’s room, his outfit will pursue the case to its logical contribution.

“So far we’ve seen only garlic and some few items in his room, these things are not something that for now we can rely upon to make a strong case against the suspect. We’re delving deep into the investigation to see if we can establish anything that will incriminate him. Sometimes when you arrest these people and asked them to take you to their homes they don’t take you to the right place so we’re still pursuing the matter till we get to its logical conclusion.”

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