Madonna inspired me to do music – Wiyaala reveals

Singer Noella Wiyaala has revealed that her inspiration to do music was not sparked by anyone from the African continent, but rather from American pop icon Madonna.

In an interview with Jay Foley on Prime Morning, the crooner popularly known as the ‘African lioness, disclosed that several people have advised her to lie about her inspiration.

According to her, she’s told to associate her inspiration with an African artist, which would make for a better story.

“Sometimes, people try to tell me that I should change my story and lie that it was an African musician who inspired me to do music…like it was Angelique Kidjo or something. But the person I saw was a white woman” she said.

“When I was a kid, I went to the video library one day and I took one of these cassettes and sent it home. When I played it, Madonna popped up and she was singing one of these lovely songs and dancing to it so well.

“I fell in love with her dress, singing, everything. And I told myself that I think I can do everything. So that’s when it all started.”

Wiyaala rose to fame with her single “Make Me Dance”, accompanied by her unique features and her taste for traditional fashion.

Wiyaala launched her solo music career in 2013 with her hit single “Rock My Body”, which won her multiple awards.

Wiyaala is also associated with UNICEF Ghana and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection of Ghana in campaigns against child marriage, child poverty, health and sanitation.

She had the opportunity to headline the 15th London African Music Festival in London.

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