Mahama can win it for the NDC: Paul Adom Otchere in trouble for making this comment

John Mahama has been one of the major personalities on many shows in the country concerning political leaders and flag bearers. When it comes to bearing the flag for the national democratic congress, no one sees anyone as fit as the former president, his excellency John Dramani Mahama. Mahama has on many instances been the choice for the Ndc. As it stands, it’s rumored that there’s no one ready to contest him in the party for the presidential or flag bearer position.

Mahama has been tagged as an affable candidate for the Ndc by Paul Adom Otchere. According to Paul, the decision to make Mahama the flag bearer will be something that will be of great use to the Ndc. He was stating these facts from his analytical point of view since that’s something we have seen him do for quite sometime on the good evening Ghana program. This is because according to him, there could be a vast difference in the election results if Nana Addo went against another candidate.

And this is not to say there are no other competent personalities in the party but to confirm with numbers and statistics that no one stands a better chance at winning the elections for the Ndc than Mahama. He said, Mahama can win it for the Ndc and this puts the Npp in a tight position to make the best of choices they can think of. He thinks the Npp in making Ghanaians see the relevance of their choice for the flag bearer position is the only way that the selected candidate can beat Mahama.

Even though this was only a statistical speech or comment, many who are not in agreement with him have taken the matter more serious than it was earlier expected. According to concerned viewers, the comment is not valid. This was mostly from members of the new patriotic party who think Mahama does not stand a chance.

According to them, Mahama has failed the country in more ways than any other president and this means he stands no chance. They think the elections will never favor the Ndc again and that the era of Mahama is over and it’s time he deals with that fact.

By: Richisen

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