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Mahama names ‘useless’ Ministries he will scrap in 2021

Former President John Dramni Mahama has touted his reign and the competence of his appointees in protecting the national kitty by appointing fewer ministers compared to the current regime.

According to him, the 23 Ministries which were under his leadership did more work in improving the lives of Ghanaians as compared to the increased size ministries by Akufo-Addo.

He made this known when he spoke to a section of the media in a Facebook livestream event monitored by

He said, “The 23 Ministries that we had, did a lot of work in terms of infrastructure development, in terms of private sector growth than the current hundred and something Ministers we have”.

Speaking on what he classifies as useless Ministries under the Akufo-Addo administration, he promised to dissolve them because they are of no use to the country.

He said “Ministry of Procurement, what do you need a Ministry of Procurement for when you have a whole body handling procurement? , Sanitation, meanwhile Sanitation is worse than it has ever been before so you know some of these things are not necessary, Monitoring and Evaluation, I don’t know what they are monitoring, monitoring what? You can monitor from the Presidency. You can have a monitoring and evaluation unit at the Presidency”.

Mahama observed that if the government is asking the people of Ghana to sacrifice, then the government should be seen doing it by reducing its expenditure.

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