Mahama to build stadia for regions

Former President John Mahama has promised to build stadia for all the regions in Ghana that do not have one should he win the 7 December 2020 polls.

Speaking to party supporters at Gambaga in the North-East Region during his tour, the presidential candidate of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Mahama said: “All the regions that don’t have sports stadiums are going to get new sports stadia”.

“And the sports stadia will be to develop sporting talent,” the former President said.

“So, if you are an athlete, you are a footballer, you are volleyball player, the facilities will all be there, and we will spot the talents in the North-East Region, take them to the national level and if they are good enough, we will take them to the international level”, Mr Mahama said.

The former President also said his next government will build a university for the Upper East Region.

“The Northeastern Region is going to get a university campus here so that our young people who want to continue into tertiary education can do so.”

Also, he said, “every district that does not have a secondary technical school is going to have a vocational training centre, and we are going to register all the young people in the district, and we will send you there batch by batch free of charge and you don’t have to pay everything.”


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