Mahama wants to return to power only to amass wealth – Akua Donkor

Founder of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) Madama Akua Donkor says Ghanaians will be laughing at the wrong side of their mouths if they make the mistake of electing ex President Mahama back into power in 2020 elections.

According to the politician cum farmer who until now, had always referred to Mr Mahama as her son, the ex-first gentleman of the land preoccupation in seeking a comeback to power is to amass wealth much to the detriment of the country.

Mr Mahama trounced his contenders in last Saturday’s presidential primaries by securing 213,443 votes representing 95.24% of the total vote cast and is poised to return to power in 2021.

But Akua Donkor in an interview on Kasapa News denounced Mr Mahama claiming the latter is a dishonest person and urged Ghanaians not to put their trust in him.

“I’m telling Ghanaians that John Mahama is not seeking power to come and improve their lives of Ghanaians, but rather to plunder the state and continue amassing wealth and making more properties. He has unfinished business to do in power, John Mahama has several properties including estates and shopping malls, I’ll expose him.”

Source: kasapafmonline.com

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