Man, 20 and 12-year-old boy die in 1 Village1 Dam

Two persons have died in separate incidents in the Upper East Region after drowning in dams constructed under government’s One Village One Dam initiative.

The incidents occurred on Monday, July 29, 2019, in Zuarungu-Gono in the Bolgatanga East District and Myopia in Bongo, both in the Upper East region. sources say a 12-year-old boy identified as Akolbono drowned on Monday while swimming with seven other children in the dam.

The body has since been buried.

In a similar incident on the same day, 20-year-old Awiniboma Akalare in what is suspected to be suicide was found dead on Monday morning in the Ayopia Dam, the first to be commenced under the 1V1D initiative.

Confirming the incident on Yem Radio in Bolgatanga monitored by, Assembly Member of the area Ateisiba Joseph said the deceased prior to his demise in the dam had shown signs of instability and inordinate actions which suggested he was attempting to drown himself in the dam.

Narrating events leading to the death of Awiniboma, the Assembly Member said “The incident happened on Monday. According to an eyewitness who was passing by [a woman for that matter] saw him lying just by the edge of the dam. So the lady thought he was dead so she went and told her husband who came around and realised that the guy wasn’t dead. He asked the deceased why he was lying around there, then he got up and was rather moving into the water. Another person who was weeding around came and tried to pull him out of the water but he (the deceased) attempted biting the man and that he should leave him”.

He further indicated that attempts to prevent the deceased from drowning himself failed adding that “I’m suspecting witchcraft or something of a sort because the way he was crying and saying that some people want to kill him and as to who wants to kill him, we don’t know. The whole night before his death that was what he went through and by dawn that was what happened”.

These latest deaths follows similar incidents that claimed lives in the Bongo district and Soe in the Bolgatanga Municipality where three children drowned in April this year.

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